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Physicals Specialist

South Florida Care Center

Infectious Disease Specialists & Primary Care Practice located in Pompano Beach, FL & Fort Lauderdale, FL

Physicals are a tool that health care providers use to assess your general health or specific health concern. Thierre Alphonse, APRN, Lazaro Salgado, APRN, and the team at South Florida Care Center take a patient-centered approach to care, providing many types of physicals to meet a wide range of needs. This includes annual physicals, work physicals, and school physicals. Call the office in Pompano Beach or Fort Lauderdale, Florida, or schedule your physical online today.

Physicals Q&A

What are physicals?

Physicals are an essential tool for health care providers. These exams give providers information about your current health and risk of future health problems. 

Though physicals are a standard part of any visit with your health care provider, no single physical exam is like another.

South Florida Care Center provides primary care services for people of all ages and backgrounds, including minors who have parental consent. Physicals are part of their primary care services.

During these physicals, the team focuses on your physical and mental well-being, aiming to keep you healthy and out of the hospital.

What are some of the types of physicals?

South Florida Care Center offers many types of physicals. These include:

Annual physical exam

The annual physical exam is the most important health visit of the year. During this exam, your provider at South Florida Care Center conducts a comprehensive evaluation of your overall health and well-being. This exam determines your current health status and risk of future health problems.

Based on the information gathered during your annual physical exam, the team develops a plan to improve or maintain your current health and prevent your risk of developing other health problems.

Your plan may include lifestyle guidance, immunization updates, or referrals to other health specialists.

Work physical

For a work physical, the team assesses your overall health and looks for conditions that might keep you from performing your job. This physical includes a review of your family medical history, lifestyle habits, and other general health questions. 

The team does a physical exam, checks your height, weight, temperature, and vitals. They also test your hearing and vision and perform a drug screening.

School physical

South Florida Care Center also provides school physicals. These comprehensive physicals check body composition, vitals, internal organs, hearing, and vision. The team also updates vaccinations and completes any forms required by the school.

Immigration physical

The primary care practice also does immigration physicals, which are required by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for adjustment of status, or to get a green card or become a citizen.

This process includes a physical exam, a test for infectious diseases, a review of vaccination records, and the completion of appropriate forms.

What happens during physicals?

The specifics of your physical at South Florida Care Center depend on the type of physical you need, your age, and your current health status. However, you can expect a high-quality, patient-centered, and culturally sensitive exam. 

Call South Florida Care Center or schedule your physical online today.